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Tune in Again with Hill Hear Better

Dr. Hill and our audiology team can help you overcome hearing loss so you can listen, understand and enjoy meaningful communication again in your relationships. Don’t hide from your life (or your wife); don’t fade away into silence—there are so many sound solutions to overcome hearing loss these days!

Pass Your Hearing Tests
All you have to do to pass a hearing test is show up! Dr. Hill and our other audiologists use high-tech hearing tests to evaluate whether or not you do have a hearing problem. Using a variety of painless diagnostic tools that can assess how your ears work, we can discover the extent and type of hearing loss you have, and then start working on a solution. To find out more about the hearing tests our audiologist uses to assess hearing loss, click here…

Hearing Aids for the Digital Age
Today’s hearing aids are incredible! They’re lighter, smaller, more readily configurable, and more durable for active lifestyles—they’re even compatible with today’s most popular mobile devices for an even more individually-tailored sound solution. They’re actually cool! And our audiologist will spend all the time necessary to get you fitted with the set of hearing aids that’s right for your life. Find out more about your potential hearing aid options here…

Hearing Aid Accessories and Services
Getting the right hearing aids and keeping them going is not a once-and-done thing, and our audiologist is there with you every step of the way with accessories, batteries and service to keep your lines of communication open. As a certified hearing healthcare provider, we provide top notch service and maintenance for free (including hearing aid batteries) for up to three years after you start your journey to better hearing! Find out more about our hearing healthcare solutions by clicking here…

Preventing Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is very treatable, even if your environment is a high risk area for hearing loss. In other words, if you live, work, or play in a consistently noisy area, the best thing to do is talk with our audiologist about hearing and ear protection strategies now, before hearing loss becomes a problem. Click here to find out how you can prevent hearing loss…

Hear It Right the First Time

You’ll never miss the misunderstandings, silence or isolation. Call for an appointment at the location nearest you today.