Cathy S. says…

"Dear Dr. Hill, Thank you, Sincerely for such a beautifully thought-out program. I was impressed with the technological benefits soon to be made available to us! Until we meet again, possibly this fall, may all you do … [Read more]

When Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

Most of the time, people are unaware that they have hearing loss. It occurs so gradually that it’s generally undetectable, and on top of that, the majority of family doctors do not regularly test for hearing loss at the annual physical exam. … [Read more]

6 Ways to Save Your Hearing

The World Health Organization reports that 1.1 billion individuals are at an increased risk for noise-induced hearing loss, caused by exposure to substantial sound levels from personal mp3 devices and very loud environments such as nightclubs, bars, … [Read more]

The Psychology of Hearing Loss

If we really want to understand hearing loss, we have to understand both the physical side, which makes hearing progressively more difficult, and the psychological side, which includes the lesser-known emotional reactions to the loss of hearing. … [Read more]