How to Read Your Audiogram at Your Hearing Test

You’ve just finalized your hearing test. The hearing specialist is now coming into the room and provides you with a graph, like the one above, except that it has all of these icons, colors, and lines. This is intended to demonstrate to you the exact, … [Read more]

How to Persuade Someone to Get a Hearing Test

How to Persuade Someone to Get a Hearing Test We don’t need to inform you of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss; you already know them all too well. You have a different kind of challenge: persuading someone you care about to get their hearing … [Read more]

5 Reasons Why People Deny Hearing Loss

It takes the average person with hearing loss 5 to 7 years before pursuing a professional diagnosis, despite the reality that the warning signs of hearing loss are very clear to others. But are those with hearing loss just too stubborn to get help? … [Read more]

What to Expect at Your Hearing Exam

If the unfamiliar causes anxiety, then a visit to the hearing specialist is especially stressful. While virtually all of us have experience with the family doctor and the local dentist, the trip to the hearing specialist might be a first. It … [Read more]

A Brief History of Hearing Aids

From Bluetooth to feedback filtering, we have many scientists throughout the years to thank for the models we see now. The hearing impaired technology has come so far to give us devices that are now available in many shapes, sizes, and even colors. … [Read more]